Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, I want to take a moment today to explain what Endometriosis is, because I know alot of people arent aware yet.
Before the diagnosis, I had heard of endometriosis, but it wasn't until I did my own research that i really understood what it is.
 So, there are cells that line your uterus, they are called the Endometrium. Well, when these cells grow in other areas in the body, most commonly the abdomen, fallopian tubes, bladder, and ovaries. The endometrium even when outside of your uterus sheds during your menstrual cycle, meaning you have internal bleeding. when Endometriosis grows in places like your fallopian tubes it can block your body from releasing eggs each month, meaning you cant get pregnant without fertility help.

some of the symptoms that I get are:
 •sharp pain in my lower abdomen/pelvis
 •pain during sex
 •exhaustion- i am so tired constantly, but when it comes to going to sleep at night im too uncomfortable to sleep!
 •painful and weak bladder control- you wouldnt think, but this is one of my most hated parts of the Endo.
 •I also get painful bowel movements.
I am not sure what stage of Endo I have yet, so far, the treatments that I have as options so far is birth control, which my doc doesnt want to put me on because we are TTC. So the next option was Clomid, which is a common fertility aid. but in order for them to send me to a fertility specialist I have to lose weight, so im working on that in the meantime. The next options are to try different medications until the pain goes away. Anyone who knows me will tell you im stubborn and impatient. being this way im trying my hardest to push for the Laprascopy  surgery for Endo. For alot of women the surgery will work for a couple months then their pain will come back just the same as before. I am willing to take the risk though and pray that it works the first time around so that I can get pregnant soon after.

so there is my explination of Endometriosis, i know it could be better but it could also be a lot longer too! :)

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