Monday, July 8, 2013


So i started a blog so that i can let people know my story. I am 23 years old and married to an amazing man. we dont have any kids yet, however we have been trying for the last three years to get pregnant. About five or six years ago i started having this really sharp, extreme pain in my pelvis. I have had multiple people tell me its just ovulation pains, or “you are just having a bad period, thats all.” Well we all know our own bodies and I knew something was really wrong with me when the pain started coming all through the month, and not just during my period or ovulation. I am a very stubborn person and never went to the doctor for it because all my paps always came back normal. Well the pain started getting worse and worse, and about January, the pain was daily. My husband had come home from Afghanistan in November, and when he realized the pains i was having he also knew something wasnt right, so he forced me to go to the doctor. Test after test, she couldnt find anything wrong with me. It has been months, and I have been extremely discouraged and let down that she couldnt find anything. I felt like a lot of friends, family, and doctors thought that I was imagining how bad it was. since I dont “look” sick. Finally, my doc sent me to the OB/GYN to see a specialist, I was excited because I felt like we were finally getting somewhere. So, my appointment with the OB was on june 25, 2013, it hurts going in there and seeing all of the happy pregnant women. Im happy for them but i get extremely jealous. anyway, so finally im called back, do vitals, get weighed, and all that good stuff then the doctor comes in asks about my pains, periods, trying to conceive, and what my pain level was at. On a 1-10 scale on a daily basis i pretty much sit at a 7.5. My doctor then gave me one of those beloved pelvic exams, which if you’ve had them, you know how cold and uncomfortable they are. At this point in all my doctors visits i thought i had cysts on my ovaries, however an ultrasound said i was all good of course. So when the doc told me I have Endometriosis, I was in shock, I was hurt, and I was angry. but I was also glad to have an answer. At this point I had heard of endometriosis but i wasnt too familiar with it. my doctor said that it can be treated with birth control, but since i am TTC she isnt sure what she wants to do. so instead of giving me more answers she sends me on my way with my next appointment on july 31st. so I have been waiting. In the mean time I have been doing my research. I have a lot of new questions, and requests for my doctor when I go back. I am still nervous about it all. Anyway, I will be posting through out my journey. I am new to this blog thing so bare with me. I will try to post often about doctors appointments, outcomes, pain and anything else that has to do with Endometriosis, and my journey.

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